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The Essential Google Index Checker Tool for SEOs is a must-have for ensuring optimal online visibility. Swiftly confirm the indexing status of your pages, empowering you with crucial insights to refine and enhance your SEO strategy. Trust in our tool to keep your web content recognized and cataloged effectively by Google, the world’s leading search engine.

Indexation result, main view of the tool.

How Can Assist You?

The Must-Have Google Index Checking Tool for SEO Professionals Ensuring Your Pages Are Listed in Google’s Index.

Stay informed about the indexing of your latest content

Newly published pages might remain unnoticed until they are indexed. Utilize IndexChecker to monitor the indexing progress of your fresh content.

Keep a watchful eye on your indexed pages for any alterations

Changes in robot meta tags or other factors can lead to pages being inadvertently deindexed, potentially affecting your website’s performance. With our index checker tool, you can proactively monitor your pages to mitigate such risks

Confirm the indexing status of your backlinks

Ensure your links reside on indexed pages for optimal SEO impact. Utilize IndexChecker to quickly verify page indexing before link placement.

Project pages showing their current indexing status.

Why should you utilize our Google index checker?

No subscription

Purchase credits as needed, no recurring fees. Easy spending management. 1 check = 1 credit.

Indexing verification

If the page is not indexed, our tool automatically checks it again from a different IP address to rule out the datacenter error.

Direct Connection to Indexers

Seamlessly connect with your preferred indexer and submit pages for indexing directly through IndexChecker.

You will be notified about the indexing status.

After the completion of the check for indexed addresses, you will be notified via email

Checks history

Every check is logged, enabling you to track the exact timing of page indexing or de-indexing, which could signal low content quality.

Export all data

Easily export all project statistics or the indexing status of all pages within a project to a CSV or TXT file.


Packages are offered in a flexible manner, and the provided pricing is just an example. In the panel, you can purchase any quantity above 1000 credits, tailoring the offer to your specific needs. We provide flexibility and the ability to customize packages to meet individual customer requirements, ensuring complete satisfaction with our services..

Free Plan



  • 50 credits

Tiny Plan



  • 1000 credits

Small Plan



  • 10 000 credits

Large Plan



  • 150 000 credits

Common questions about

What are credit points?

Each credit corresponds to a single check. You expend one credit for every page verified.

Which payment methods do you accommodate?

We offer secure payments via PayPal or, upon request, we provide payments via, please write to us if you cannot pay with PayPal.

Are the prices inclusive of VAT?


How long are my credits valid for?

“Your purchased credits have no expiration date. Feel free to utilize them whenever required.”

What indexers do we support?

You can connect any indexer to IndexChecker to meet one standard.

Do I need separate credits for using the indexers?

Yes. You must acquire distinct credits for each indexer you wish to utilize.

Can I trust the accuracy of the results?

We employ two separate checks to maximize accuracy. Nonetheless, occasional false negatives may occur if a URL is not indexed across all Google data centers.

Is there an API available?

Yes! Please sign in to access its documentation.

Is there an affiliate program available?

Yes, absolutely! If you wish to recommend us, please create an account first, then reach out to us via the contact form available in the dashboard.

Essentials of Google Indexed Pages Checker

Google scours millions of websites daily, indexing pages that capture its attention. However, not all sites automatically make it into the index. Google prioritizes relevant content to enhance the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) for users’ queries.

This process can leave website owners and webmasters uncertain about their pages’ indexing status. Here, a Google index checker tool proves invaluable, providing users with insight into their pages’ indexing status.

With our tool, you can promptly verify if your pages are indexed by Google. Stay informed about your page’s indexing status and conveniently schedule future checks, especially after making updates.

Take control of the indexing process with IndexChecker and ensure your pages shine in the digital realm.

How to Verify Site Indexing in Google Using Index Checker

Our procedure is straightforward, and the tool’s interface is user-friendly, making navigation a breeze.

After signing up, you’ll encounter a dashboard on the left panel, while project insights will be displayed on the right.

IndexCheckerlink  Dashoboard

To create a project, simply click on the ‘Add Project’ button located at the top right corner of the dashboard and proceed as follows:

  1. Project Name: Provide a name for the project.
  2. Short Description: Optionally, you can add a description of the project.
  3. Links: Utilize the bulk index checker field to manually include specific pages.
  4. Email Notification: Tick the box if you’d like to receive email notifications when the added pages are checked.

Once you’ve filled in all the details, just click the ‘Add’ button, and the project will appear on your dashboard with scheduled checks for all the listed pages.

A tool showing how to add a project to monitor indexation in Google.

Google Page Index Checker Results

To check the status of each page listed in the project, simply click on the project, and you will see a full list of URL items along with the corresponding data:

Backlink indexation status.

Date added – the date the URL was added
Last Check Date – the most recent time IndexChecker verified the URL
Status – current status of the URL
Actions – available options for further actions

The tool will assess the URLs and provide the following statuses:
Indexed – the page is included in the index
Not Indexed – the page isn’t indexed

How to Index Website on Google?

Now that you’ve identified the pages that aren’t indexed, optimized them as needed, and now it’s time to prompt Google to recognize them.

To accomplish this, you’ll require the Google Search Console tool, where your website is added and verified. Once you’re logged in, input your URLs into the ‘inspect any URL in’ field located at the top of your screen.

Google search console view.
Confirmation that the Google Search Console request has been sent

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